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At Chill Skills we believe it is important children are given the space to find peace within themselves, and the tools to assist with regulation and letting go of the worries they are often saturated with. 

Chill Skills for kid’s program involve a range of fun activities to help kids learn how to relax, explore their imagination and learn valuable life skills.

Ongoing wellbeing 

By attending the classes and doing the activities the children learn how to create a "chill out" routine that works for them.

They learn skills that can carry them through life’s ups and downs. Learning to relax is a skill that is learnt, takes time and most importantly is an ongoing practise that is an essential part of maintaining our wellbeing.

The activities in this app can be used as part of an ongoing wellbeing practise. 

This app features:

The meditation stories take the listener on an imaginary journey which helps dissolve tension, bring inner peace and calm. These meditations can be used at any time. At bedtime for a good night’s sleep or to start the day with a positive outlook. 

Mantra meditation can also be used at any time. Through regular practice, mantra meditation has the effect of clearing the mind and bringing a sense of inner peace. It can have a very grounding effect, bringing a sense of calm and connectedness back to ourselves and life. 

The movement activities provide the children with a strategy to let go of tension in a fun, interactive manner.